I started BCK because first , I have always been a knife buff. Over the years I have owned too many to name – Famous Blades & Run of the Mill factory. I have seen many designs I loved but couldn’t afford or just didn’t want to wait 6 months or 2 years for! So what I decided was to locate a quality bladesmith who would adhere to my design ideas and maintain their standard of quality while allowing us to deliver these fine works at an reasonable price. I considered my ideas, personal touches & improvements on these models.

Another thing I noticed is many times you see a blade  you like, but it is the wrong type of handle, steel, too heavy or too lightweight, maybe the blade is too long or too short? So here at BCK we will try to offer my many designs also to your taste! With the custom page you can change the scale, blade length, thickness, steel, etc. I can make a single edge a double or a double edge a single, with front and rear bolster, no problem. Want to make it a “Choppa”, go heavy with 1/2″ or 3/4″ stock! This can usually be accommodated depending on stock availability.

Available materials are almost endless. For handles/scales I have Micarta G10, Acrylic, Rosewood, Walnut, Zebra wood, Ebony & some laminates, all of these materials are available in many different colors. I can also do copper, brass or D-2 scales. Guards and pommels can be made from brass, aluminum, steel or copper. I exclusively use D-2 steel on all larger knives. 440C is available on smaller folders and long knives. All knives come with custom leather sheaths.

Have a design in mind that you always wanted, send it to me and I will get it done. I can promise I will only use the finest steels and materials. All orders will be handled promptly. Thank You, Tom @ BCK

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